1. First-aid. Means the provision of first-aid facilities, services and personnel required for the Initial treatment of persons suffering from injury or illness at a workplace.

2. First-aid facilities. Means

 a first-aid box;
 a first-aid room; and
 First-aid equipment, for example, oxygen equipment and a stretcher.


Major Components

There are three major components of workplace first-aid facilities, namely:
1. first-aider
2. first-aid box/first aid room
3. first-aid equipment/manual


means a person who has successfully completed a first-aid course conducted by an institution recognised by the Ministry of Health and has been awarded with a certificate of proficiency in first-aid treatment;


An employer may, from time to time, recruit or select suitable persons to go for first-aid training. The employer should consider persons with the following qualities to be trained in first-aid treatment:

 mature and responsible
 remain calm in emergency
 free to leave their work immediately to respond to an emergency
 physically fit

Recognised Course

A person is considered as being trained if he successfully completes a first-aid course conducted by an institution recognised by the Ministry of Health and awarded with a certificate of proficiency in first-aid treatment at the end of the course.


Management of Casualty

The first-aider has an important role to play. In the management of an injured
worker or in a case of sudden collapse, he should:

 assess the situation without endangering his own life
 identify the injuries or recognize the sudden collapse
 give immediate first-aid treatment,
 recognize the priority of administration of first-aid treatment to the more seriously injured
 Arrange without delay for the injured worker(s) to be sent to a doctor, hospital or home

Maintenance of Treatment Record

A record of the casualty and treatment given by the first-aider should be made.These record must be kept by the employer for a period of five years.A record may include information on:

 the immediate treatment;
 details about the incident/accident
 details about the injury or work-related illness;

Responsibilities for Maintenance of First-Aid Facilities

The first-aider is responsible for maintaining the first-aid box.
He should ensure that only first-aid equipment is kept inside the box.
He should check them periodically and ensure that the contents of the
box are regularly replenished.



First-aid boxes should be made of sturdy material and be portable so that it can be taken to the site of an incident. The boxes should also be clearly marked with a green crescent on a white background.

Each first-aid box should be placed in a clearly identifiable, well illuminated and accessible location. Where a workplace covers a large area, an adequate number of first-aid boxes should be provided. The box must be kept locked and the key thereto kept by a responsible person available during all working hours. The employees should be informed of the location of all first-aid boxes.

First-aid boxes should contain a sufficient quantity of suitable first-aid materials. They should not contain materials other than those required for first-aid treatment. It is essential that first-aid boxes be checked frequently so as to make sure they are fully equipped and all items are usable. Materials used should be replaced as soon as possible.

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